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Bernie Sanders, Independent for President: His Life Story, Ideas, and Goals, Plus a History of the Reagan Revolution and the Rise of the Billionaire Class
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Want to get a more detailed look at the life and times of Bernie Sanders? In this highly praised book, three chapters are devoted to Bernie's life story. We begin with his college days as an civil-rights and peace activist in Chicago. Then we explore his efforts early in his political career as a peace-party candidate in Vermont in the 1970s. His run for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont and his 4-term success there is covered. With plenty of biographical detail, it reveals how he became a very popular and much-esteemed Congressman as an Independent from Vermont, followed by service as a Senator. And it shows what he hopes to achieve as president -- his ideas for how to make America a place where everyone prospers, not just the billionaire class.

This very readable book draws on a wide variety of sources including Sanders' own books, speeches, interviews, and articles on the Huffington Post as well as information from a wide variety of publications including the Harvard Business Review, the Nation, the New York Times, Mother Jones, and weekly newspapers in Burlington, Vermont, where Sanders was mayor. In addition, Jordan cites books by Robert Reich, Barbara Ehrenreich, Noam Chomsky, and more.

It's also an in-depth examination, from a counterculture perspective, of what Sanders up against -- a nation that swung to the right and stayed there for 35 years, ever since the Reagan Revolution. It shows how the top one percent of our society influenced government policy so they've gotten all the new income and wealth generated in the last three decades by the most powerful economy in the world. This is a major issue in Sanders' campaign for the presidency and this book provides an abundance of information and facts about the issue.

Sanders hopes that America can be renewed and revitalized. In this book Sanders' 12-point plan for economic renewal is presented. His goal for an America that is energy-independent and free of reliance of fossil fuels is discussed, along with a wide variety of other ideas and goals that Sanders has.

The writer Michael Meloan (Wired magazine contributor and book author) wrote: "Curious about Bernie Sanders? Read this informative book. It provides an excellent, in-depth guide to Sanders' life and political career. It's also a concise history of how America slid so far to the right and what Sanders hopes to do about it. Bernie Sanders is the only real alternative to mainstream politics-as-usual -- this book shows us why. If you care about clean and renewable energy, civil rights, social justice, fair wages, and stopping billionaires from running Washington, this is the book for you."

Matt Dukes Jordan has written about politics for newspapers in Los Angeles and Florida and has published highly successful books on popular culture and art history such as Weirdo Deluxe and Weirdo Noir. His articles have appeared in the Miami New Times, MetroLA, Venice magazine, Playboy Online, Island Life, and many others. He taught art history at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. He makes art and short films and loves comedy and satire. And he likes candidates like Sanders, who don't just parrot the propaganda because they're paid to do so (directly or indirectly) but instead tell it like it is -- backed with lots of facts.

As poet and journalist David Plumb wrote, "Matt Dukes Jordan gets to the truth of this great man."

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