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Conscience of a Progressive: The Best Speeches of Bernie Sanders, In Congress, 1991-2015, Abridged and Annotated. Illustrated.
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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“authenticity” --CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“integrity and principle” --THE NATION MAGAZINE
“ideologically pure” --NEW YORK TIMES
“the real deal” --HUFFINGTON POST

CONSCIENCE OF A PROGRESSIVE is a comprehensive collection of congressional speeches over the last 25 years by Bernie Sanders. In 2016, those speeches have made Mr. Sanders a surging, underdog presidential candidate.

Mr. Sanders has a moral authenticity, unchanged across the years. He is what he is, a decent man trying to do good, and willing to risk it all for the progressive cause.

This collection includes key excerpts of his celebrated oration in 2010, known as THE SPEECH, which made Mr. Sanders a national celebrity.

Not to be missed: A breath-taking series of stunning prophecies made 25 years ago, as a freshman congressman.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Sanders warned that the then  popular First Iraq War would lead to more wars; that America was headed to a crisis in health care; that U.S. banks were dangerously undemocratic; and that export of jobs to low-wage China and Mexico threatened the American middle-class.

From his earliest days, Bernie Sanders has advocated for the oppressed, the disadvantaged, and the voiceless. He has been for peace in a time of war, and a voice of reason in a time of extremism.

Above all, Mr. Sanders has been the unflinching defender of the American middle-class and their American Dream. He has repeatedly warned of a growing inequality that threatens all that is good in America.

Bernie Sanders has made thousands of speeches in Congress over a quarter century. Boston Hill Press abridges and annotates excerpts from 50 of these addresses. Their skill and power confirm his lifelong sincerity. He has told truth to power, and endured the lonely consequences, rather than sell his soul.

Bernie Sanders is not just the conscience of a progressive—he is the conscience of America.

Boston Hill Press, a premier publisher of quality books, is pleased to present CONSCIENCE OF A PROGRESSIVE, an original compilation of Mr. Sanders’s Congressional speeches. Features of this e-book include:

--Mr. Sanders’s first national speeches making stunning prophecies on foreign and domestic affairs;
--Excerpts of THE SPEECH, the celebrated oration in 2010 which made Bernie Sanders a national celebrity;
--all new 2016 introduction and epilogue by the award-winning editor David W. Bradford (VOTE LINCOLN: THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN BIOGRAPHY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, 1860);
--skilful abridgment and annotation to improve readability;
--Color photographs of key personalities*
--proper format for Kindle e-readers and apps;
--full Kindle electronic navigation, e.g., interactive table of contents and word search.

*Color features requires e-reader device capable of displaying color. Grayscale devices may display in grayscale.

On select Kindle devices and apps, illustrations may be enlarged. Tap twice on image; OR touch image for a few seconds, release, and select the “zoom” icon that appears.

What people have said about Bernie Sanders or his speeches:

“Authenticity wins the Democratic debate”--CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“With integrity and principle, the Vermont senator is calling Americans to a political revolution. ...Voters can trust Sanders ..” --THE NATION

“...Sanders is the real deal and people feel it in their guts. We know he’s on our side. A profile in political courage and integrity, Bernie Sanders is a patriot who has been fighting for economic and social justice all his life.”-- HUFFINGTON POST

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