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Stronger than Cancer: Take Action Today, Beat the Odds and Start Living Your Life Again
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Don’t know how to re-boot your life now that you have been diagnosed with cancer? Feel stuck not knowing what to do next? Are you feeling stunned and afraid but know you have to find a way to move forward?

We all want to live the dreams we had for our life and the lives shared with your loved ones. But these are often shattered when told we have cancer. It is easy to feel immobilized and afraid, unable to start living fully again

The truth is that you can learn how to live fully again, with joy and meaning starting right now and without any major effort.

Anyone with cancer can live life fully using the right mix of decisions, approaches and support. That’s what you will learn in Stronger than Cancer.

Buy Stronger than Cancer -Take Action Today, Beat the Odds and Start Living Your Life.

Written by three-time survivor of metastatic breast cancer, Lyn Cikara, Stronger than Cancer will show you how to:

  • restore meaning and purpose to your life
  • fully immerse yourself in the healing process
  • empower your body to beat the odds
  • identify the right habits to practice daily
  • teach those around you how to best support your healing

The media lead us to believe the worst and convinces us to go from celebrating life to facing doom.
In Stronger than Cancer, Lyn Cikara dispels the myths that cancer has to be terminal and gives the reader concrete tools to:

  • energize the fight to beat the odds
  • live a rich and confident life
  • see a bright future beyond cancer
  • bring back hope and joy

Lyn knows what it is to succeed against the odds.  She writes about the simple approaches that saved her life and helped her live fully engaged. She shares practices and habits that have saved others’ lives as well.

As you read, you'll uncover the things that you already know about life and how to sustain it and will find new truths, practices and ways to make these work to your advantage.

There are two major benefits that will manifest from reading this book - you will find hope and learn to celebrate life again!

Would you like to know more?

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