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From Artistic To Entrepreneur: Turn Your Creativity into a Thriving Online Business Using the Etsy Platform
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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There has never been a better time in history to be an entrepreneur! Do you want to make money doing something meaningful to you? You can generate easy income on the side or even build an extraordinary career doing what you love. Learn how to easily enter online commerce and become an entrepreneur to gain more personal and financial independence!

This simple yet thorough guide illustrates how to initiate, build and maintain your online business with the ease of the Etsy platform. From your goals to photography to shipping and customer service, even emotional support, this book covers it all in patient detail, gathered from years of hands-on experience. It goes beyond the merely technical help that can be found elsewhere by also providing insider practical tips to succeed in ANY online business, be it Etsy or other platforms. Free 'get started' worksheets and links to videos and helpful books are also included.

Mandy Lee is a successful artist and entrepreneur and has been an Etsy seller since 2009. She takes you through every step involved in opening your shop and provides worksheets and helpful links. She shares stories and personal insights that will guide you through the typical pitfalls and mental frustrations that come with the job of self-employment.

It takes mental fortitude and strong ‘whys’ to run your own business - but it's worth it! This manual is an excellent start-up guide for any self-started venture, be it online or brick and mortar.

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