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Youtube Marketing: The Unique Winner’s Path To Reach 10,000 Subscribers & Convert To Glorious Cash
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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IMPORTANT: ... The most powerful & influential business owners tap into $100's, $1,000's, or $10,000's of dollars by marketing PROPERLY with YouTube - you can do the same...

...For the price of a coffee.

1,000,000,000 - that's the amount of hours watched DAILY on YouTube. One third of people on the internet use YouTube, quite clearly - THERE'S A FORTUNE... A WEALTHY AUDIENCE... but only for those who know how to access it. Luckily...

If you're interested in having more money, fame, power, getting a larger audience, influencing more people, branding your business or yourself better ... this book will show you how.

From BEGINNER TO EXPERT, here's some of what you'll learn:

  • Get Professional: Will help you get started with the right equipment and software to produce high quality videos.

  • Planning Your Video Content: Teaches you to create a consistent upload schedule so subscribers know when to tune in.

  • Choose Your Theme: Will help you decide which niche is best for you and your channel.

  • Avoid Content That Could Get You Banned from YouTube: Brings to light some areas that have got YouTubers in trouble in the past so you know what to avoid in your videos.

  • Determine Your Target Audience: Introduces you to your target audience on a personal level so you can relate to them better.

  • Determine Your Value: Helps you determine how you will provide value to your subscribers.

  • Start Moulding Your Brand: Looks at the many elements that help bring your YouTube brand together and distinguish you from other brands.

  • SEO: Will teach you the right ways of optimizing the text around your channel for search engines.

  • Advertising: Will consider the benefits and setbacks of paid and free advertising. You may be shocked what you learn in this section!

  • Build a Relationship with Your Viewers and Subscribers: Covers the importance of gaining trust with your audience before trying to sell them on your products and services.

  • Convert Subscribers into Buyers: The Money Maker – now you can finally start monetizing on the trust and relationship you built with your audience!

This is a complete guide to understanding and using YouTube as powerfully as possible. Whether you're using Snapchat to make money, get fame, power, unique influence, or simply a ton of subscribers - this book is your guide.

All that’s left is for you to flip the pages and implement the strategies. It really is that simple.

Literally, you can turn a couple bucks for the price of this book into a huge pile of cash.

Stay ahead of the game, stay ahead of your competition.

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