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SCRIPTURES & QUOTES: Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life
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Free Rein has a mission to free people from their external circumstances by accessing the Kingdom of God within them through Christian meditation. The first book from Free Rein, Change Your Life with Christian Meditation, gives step by step instructions on the effective practice of Christian Meditation to be used by beginners and existing Christian meditators alike to clearly hear from God. This second book: Scriptures & Quotes: Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life, can help to chart a clearer path forward in your journey from the abundance that already exists in God to the manifestation of the purpose that God has for your life, as you repeat, memorize, meditate on, and internalize the wisdom in this book derived from the Word of God and the thoughts of some of history’s greatest thinkers.

In your encounter with God through meditating on scriptures and quotes, you can free yourself from the depression, anxiety, stress, confusion, and past trauma that are holding you back in your life, and find true abundance, commitment, direction, freedom, growth, hope, love, peace, power, and purpose through the presence of the Holy Spirit within. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, Free Rein Meditation, for guided Christian meditations that will change your life. You can contact Dawn Harrington at freereinmeditation@gmail.com

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