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Harris Rules : Your No-BS Practical Step By Step Guide to Finally Become Rich and Free
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
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It's the question every agent asks, but few have a truthful answer for: Where does business come from? In an industry constantly selling the 'easy button' and overrun with shiny widgets, agents are pulled in multiple directions at once, each promising if they "just do this" that their dreams of real estate fortune will come true. After 20 years in the business and hundreds of thousands of coaching calls, Tim & Julie tell the hard truths about what it really takes to make it in real estate.

Harris Rules outlines specific, proven rules of engagement that any agent - rookie or veteran - can count on to serve them well as they pursue their real-estate funded goals and dreams. Harris Rules lays the groundwork, beginning with how agents need to think about the business. Moving them forward with a step by step action plan, Tim & Julie show agents how to create longevity by scaling the business and then teach them how to monetize it.

In this book you'll learn...
- How to control your mindset to get more things done, even when you don't 'feel' like it.
- Why balance is a myth and how you should stop aiming for it!
- How the Scarcity mindset is affecting everything you do and the rules to break free.
- The ideal schedule of a top producing agent and how to focus it on what matters...profit!
- Why you can't rely on only one method of generating leads if you want to avoid feast or famine.
- How to find your 'Magic Number' and how knowing it is critical for success.
- How to use our proven 7 Step Listing Process to win the listing virtually every time!
- How to really achieve financial freedom (and it won't be from your real estate commissions)!

And there is so much more!

Only for the highly motivated, Harris Rules covers topics no one else in the industry is willing to talk about: making a profit, why having a team isn't the 'golden calf', having multiple lead sources (that you don't have to pay for!), focusing on listings and the fact that repetitious boredom does pay off!

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