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Rocking Chair Mystery Series (Amish Romance)
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[Book 1]
Sarah Blough and her mother were tending to their crafts when their quietness was disturbed by the arrival of a stranger. Sarah overhears her mother and the woman crying but when she approaches them, they distance themselves from her. All Sarah knows is that the woman's name is Maggie and she's dressed in Englisch clothes.

Sarah becomes very emotional at being excluded. It has always just been her and her mother, Betty. Sarah's father having died when she was a baby. Sarah is incensed at being treated like a child.

But when she finds her mother dead the following morning and the stranger is gone with no clue as to her identity, Sarah is distraught.

Sarah is convinced something bad has happened to her mother and she is determined to unravel the mystery.

[Book 2]
Sarah Blough is feeling so alone. Her friend and ally, Jacob, no longer wants to help and she has no idea of where to start her quest for information on the Englisch woman's visit to her home the night her mother died.

She knows Jacob's mother knows something but will not reveal it, saying it needs to be left in the past.

Jacob's guilt gets the better of him and he returns to Sarah's house, offering his help. Eager to prove his worth to Sarah, Jacob makes a startling discovery when he finds Sarah's family tree. Elizabeth Blough was married previously and had a daughter, called Maggie!

Could this new woman be the key to solving this mystery?

[Book 3]
Just as Sarah & Jacob discovered something new, a long lost sister, Jacob had balked at helping her. Perhaps it was due to his domineering mother scolding him so harshly that she could almost smell the fire and brimstone, or perhaps he was unable to do more. But whatever the reason Sarah just had to talk to him again.

But it wouldn’t be that easy this time. Without Jacob’s help Sarah was on the verge of giving up, and tired of doing all this on her own. Truth be told she was tired of this fight- she just wanted time to grieve, sleep, heal, perhaps even pity herself. But the Amish don’t abide self-pity, rather they throw themselves into their work- which is what Sarah does.

She focused on her jobs, tended her animals and started to find peace or at least a measure of solace in a good days work

Until she found a letter at her doorway. This Tony knew her mother and was wanted to reveal what he knew. Excitement and fear gripped her. Tony was an Englischer. An outsider would tell her what he knew.

Jacob would have to help her now……

[Book 4]
Sarah Blough is locked in a basement with no idea of how she will get out of here. No one knows where she is. Anyone connected to him is dead and there's no way that Jacob will figure out where she is. Why was she so determined to do investigate her mother's dead? I

Jacob Shetler has no intention of letting his beloved disappear without at least trying to find her. To his surprise, his mother knows more than she pretends and when they discover Sarah missing, Mrs. Shetler knows where to go.

Will Jacob reach Sarah in time to save her? Will Sarah finally find out the truth of what happened to her mother that night? Read on to find out!

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